Three months ago, we reluctantly issued a shipping levy due to the increasing container shipping costs. We had hoped these costs would return to 2019 levels; however, the situation has become increasingly arduous as freight rates hit record highs. We are now approaching a 10-fold increase in container shipping rates. These prices are forecast to continue into 2022.

To give some idea of relativity as to the effect of these rises in 2019 the monthly cost of shipping 4 containers was around £8,000, last month 4 containers cost us £60,000. 

News streams are abundant with the various reasons for such alarming shipping costs and many fear it may continue into 2022.  

Unfortunately, we have no alternative but to introduce a price adjustment of 10% on all invoices dated from the 1st October to compensate, in part, for these punishing freight rates. 

The shipping levy will be discontinued from the 1st October.
We will monitor the situation over the coming months, hopefully, to reduce this price adjustment.

This price increase will apply to all invoices from October 1st, inclusive of all backorders.