Today, we are looking at the efficiency and performance advantage of the SC785 Darlly Cyclone Filter Cleaner compared to a basic device.


The Darlly Cyclone Filter Cleaner brush is designed to clean your hot tub filters quickly and efficiently. The unit attaches to a standard garden hose connector and has the facility to dispense filter cartridge cleaner directly into the water stream to penetrate deep inside the filter pleats, and at the same time removing dirt and debris with the brush.

Darlly Filter Cartridge Cleaner (SC796) can be added to the Cyclone dispenser via the screw cap on the handle.


The Darlly Cyclone Filter Cleaner separates the pleats of the filter material, brushing between them efficiently whilst spraying with water and filter cartridge cleaner dispensed by the unit. 

We can compare this with a different design of tool, pictured below, featuring hard moulded plastic fingers and without a brush or the option to dispense cartridge filter cleaner fluid into the waterstream.


As can be seen in the photo below, when inserted into the filter the fingers appear to gather several pleats together between the plastic fingers on each cleaning stroke, thus closing those pleats and with the possibility of allowing the retention of some dirt and contamination rather than separating the pleats to allow efficient cleaning of the filter and also without the option of adding filter cleaning fluid to the water to clean away the dirt, grease and grime.


To summarise, it can be seen that the Darlly Cyclone Filter Cleaner can be more effective at separating the filter material pleats with a brush to allow the water jets with added cartridge filter cleaner to work more efficiently removing the dirt and contaminants collected by the filter than a basic device without these features.

The Darlly Cyclone Filter Cleaner has two rows of brushes, a built-in detergent dispenser and water jets to help with your routine hot tub maintenance.

For more information on hot tub filter care, see our other Filter Care topics and FAQ’s.

Happy Hot Tubbing! 

The Darlly Team