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Pricing Policy

We have 3 Price Levels. Carton Price, Pallet Price and Container Price.

A Carton is a full carton of filters (usually 4 or 9) and attracts a 10% discount from our normal Single Filter Price.

A Pallet is a mixed pallet of cartons with a minimum of 12 cartons, usually up to 30 cartons, however, in some instances (eg Sundance) this will be 16 cartons.

A pallet attracts a 30% discount from our normal Single Filter Price and 22% from our Carton Price.

For the purpose of this website, a pallet is based upon an order cost of £1,200 or €1,500 (ex VAT) or more. Your discount for this will be applied at checkout. Our standard registration is as a Carton Price Customer, however, if you buy pallets only then we can register you as a Pallet Customer and your prices will always show your pallet rate, no further discount will apply.

Container pricing is our highest discount level and depends entirely upon the line of filters you require. Such pricing is normally quoted FOB Shanghai and payable in US dollars $.

Container sizes available are 20' (Normally 400 cartons), 40' (Normally 800 cartons) and 40' High Cube (Normally 900 cartons). For a quote you need to drop an email to [email protected] or call us on +44(0)1952 580500

We also offer White Label own branded filters, which in this age of competitive online selling is becoming extremely popular. For more details please drop an email to [email protected]