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About Darlly Europe

When Filters4Spas was founded by Phil Moseley and Gil Gingell in November 2009 replacement spa filter cartridges were expensive, difficult to get hold of and of poor quality.
They made a marketing statement that their new filter cartridges, manufactured in Hangzhou China, would be of superior quality, plentiful in supply and readily available at a more realistic price.
In June 2011 Filters4Spas became an equitable partner with Hangzhou Darlly Filtration and today that statement still stands for Darlly Europe Limited.
Better Filter . . . Better Service . . . Better Price 
Darlly Europe now handles the logistics, supply, marketing, research and development throughout all 44 European countries in the Pool and Spa market. With over 60,000 units in stock at one time and supplying customers throughout Europe with 5 distribution centres all with a next day delivery available.


About Darlly

Darlly are the largest manufacturer of filtration cartridges in the world, producing over 7 million filters annually and our customers include some of the world’s largest spa manufacturers. 

Manufacturing filters globally in pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, medical, food and beverage, petrochemical, automotive, power generation and drinking water treatments our technical specialists undertake significant research and development to improve the effectiveness of filters in all the business sectors that we are involved in. 

Hangzhou Darlly Filtration Ltd has been established for over 20 years with 6 centres covering 75 countries worldwide. Fully automated workshops and laboratories ensures Darlly has up-to-date, future-proof, technologically advanced Research and Production facilities.

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