"The consumer's choice of spa filter . . ."


Using the Darlly Website

How to use and make the most out of your Darlly Website

Register for an Account

Darlly Europe is aTrade Only Website, You will need to register for an account in order to purchase product. 

Registering for an account could not be easier.

SImply click on the menu bar "Account" and then "Register" or on the Home page use the "Apply" button.

When filling in the registration form please pay attention to submitting your VAT number - this tells us you are a trade customer. If you do not have a VAT number drop us an email at [email protected] and we will take it from there for you.

We will authorise your account normally within 2 hours - however, this can be 24 hours.

Finding Your Filter


There are 4 sections to the website (In the UK a 5th has been added for single filters - not available in EU)

Standard Filters - Europes most well known brand of pool and spa filters

Sanistream Filters - our latest, award-winning, inline dosing filters

Silverstream Filters - our antibacterial, easier to clean filters 

Accessories - non filter products that ensure sterile clean water 

Simply select your category to find the filter you are looking for


Side Bar Search - Find Your Filter

Once you are in your particular category you can go to the sidebar and refine the search for your particular filter.

If you know the Hot Tub the filter belongs to simply choose from the list or take a look at the description of the Top or Bottom.

Or you can apply all 3 selections at once.

The list is not exhaustive - if your particular filter is not listed it does not mean we do not have it, just that particular attribute is not yet registered. 

Top Bar Search - Find Your Filter - The Ultimate Search Tool

The ultimate find-your-filter tool is the top search bar on every page.

Try by typing in the length of your filter, remember, filters can be to within 1cm in length so if its 30cm also try 31cm or 32cm.

Filters of that length will then start to show on the search page for a full-length listing click on View All"

You can do this with any attribute the filter may have, try typing the diameter or even the type of top it has, like "Handle" or "5cm Hole"

Whatsmore if you have a Pleatco or Unicel code type it in and see what gets returned.


Your Account Hub

This is where you will find out everything there is to know about your account. Your past orders, your order status, your account details, contacts, telephone numbers, wishlist as well as delivery addresses.

And this is where you land when you login into your account each and every day.



Fast Track Order Form


Just below your account details, as well as the Home Page, you will find your Quick Order Forms. And you have 2 to choose from.

1. Bulk Order Form, whereby you type in column 1 the SKU and column 2 the quantity.

2. Is a Cut & Paste order form which you can take from a CSV file or even a word processor file whereby the SKU and the Quantity are just separated by a , (comma).

This gives you your complete order form in seconds, then you complete in the normal manner with a preferred delivery method, delivery address, and payment method.

Or simply click on the button below and go there now. . .