Christmas is a coming and we need some cheer

But what can we do with what we have here?

With much thought and worry, and much perspiration

Let us search the garden for ideas and inspiration


Let’s think of the family, for one, and for all

Yes, that’s it, brilliant! I hear you call

The poor lonely hot tub just lying there in wait

Under the dust and leaves, it’s in a sorry state


We’ll blow off the leaves and clear off the dust

Hurry along but rein in the lust

Pop the hose in the tub and turn on the flow

Just a few hours now and you’ll be ready to go


Pop in the filters, all clean and white

New Darlly Filters aren’t they a sight?

Keeping the water sparkling clean and clear

For family and friends to bring on the cheer


Check the balance, it needs to be tight

Temperature correct? It needs to be right

Don’t forget your Darlly Duck

Just pop him in the tub to give it the look


Have you tried our Darlly Cocktails? You should give them a go

Just add to the water, into the flow

Essential oils for that added pizazz 

Dead sea salts and all that jazz 


Christmas eve, look up to the skies

Peer through the steam to see who flies

I see Santa bringing me a present!

Or is it the moon, just a tiny crescent? 


What will Santa bring me, something for the spa?

I hear the sleigh bells ringing, coming from afar


Something to make life easier, I just don’t like fuss

Ah brilliant! The new Sanistream Plus!


Unscrew the pod but leave the filter

Add in the tablets, keep the water in kilter

Replace the pod and you’re good to go

Takes less than thirty seconds wouldn’t you know


Look after the filters and the rest of the gear

To enjoy your hot tub, Christmas, and New Year 

Use the Darlly Cyclone to give your filters a clean

Add Darlly Filter Cleaner to bring out the sheen


The sky has gone dark is it starting to snow?

No, it’s Santa’s reindeer still on the go

Something falling from the sky

Maybe a present or a huge mince pie


Quick, cover the hot tub in a flash

Oh dear, too late, what a big splash

What was that? A reindeer shoe?

Nope, and we’ve never tested our filters with reindeer poo!


Merry Christmas one and all


Best wishes and season’s greetings


Enjoy your hot tub and have a safe and wonderful time making lasting memories 


The Darlly Team