The Christmas and New Year holidays are approaching fast, just where does the time go?

Hopefully you are fully booked, and your guests are looking forward to spending some quality chill-time in the hot tub .


Holiday Lets hot tubs require a higher level of maintenance, service, and monitoring than your domestic hot tub so it is worth just spending a few minutes ensuring that not only are you compliant with the regulations but that your guests will have a most wonderful and enjoyable hot tub experience.


Remember to have enough clean filters on hand to allow a swift change between guests. It is good practise to have more than one set of filters available, to allow one set to be in the hot tub and another set in the cleaning and drying cycle.


For more in-depth information, see our filter care topic Holiday Let – How should I look after my holiday-let hot tub filters?where you will find information about Holiday-Lets filter care, regulations and also the SaniStream® Direct Line Filtration system which satisfies Section 76 of HSG282 guidelines.

The SaniStream system, is a high quality Darlly hot tub filter, combined with an adjustable and refillable chlorine or bromine tablet erosion feeder, called SpaPod®, to make a highly effective combined, integrated hot tub water treatment system.


Have you considered Darlly Spa Cocktails for a little something extra for the holiday hot tub experience for your guests?

Spa Cocktails are exhilarating and relaxing. Using a combination of aromatherapy spa crystals including essential oils, fine fragrances and other natural substances including Dead Sea Salts; working together to awaken the senses.
Available in 500g jars, and now available in 80g pouches which are perfect for consumers to try the Spa Cocktail experience and are perfect for the Holiday Resort sector. Spa Cocktails granules are spa safe, oil-free will not clog filters or jets, and will not affect water chemistry.

This could be a pleasant surprise for your guests !


If you have any questions about our filters, or suggestions for more Filter Care topics, please do not hesitate to get in contact, we’re always willing to help 

Happy Hot Tubbing!

The Darlly Team

(Photo courtesy of Chaletcraft)