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Filter maintenance is crucial for the performance of your Hot Tub. We recommend rinsing your filters once every 3-4 weeks using the Darlly FilterGuard Cleaner with the Darlly Cyclone Filter Brush. (Steps 1 & 2) Click on step numbers below for more information.

Perform a deep clean using the Darlly FilterGuard Sheets 3-4 times a year or when required e.g after a party or high usage. (Steps 1 to 4)


When should you clean your hot tub filter? 

Step 1

FilterGuard Filter Cleaner - Add FilterGuard Filter Cleaner fluid to the Cyclone fluid reservoir and attach to the top of your cyclone. Make sure the Cyclone fluid reservoir is 50% - 100% full depending on the size of the filter. 100% being for a large filter down to 50% for a smaller filter. 

Step 2

FilterGuard Cyclone Filter Cleaner -  The Cyclone will attach to any standard garden hose. Use with FilterGuard Filter Cleaner Fluid to start cleaning you filter. Squeeze the trigger and use a brushing action to apply fluid and water into the filter pleats to remove any excessive contamination and debris. Rinse the filter with the hose to remove any loosened debris.

Step 3

FilterGuard Cleaning bucket - Expand the bucket and fill with warm water to the top of grey band (Approx 14 Litres). Add filter(s) to the bucket after cleaning filter with the FilterGuard Cyclone & Filter Cleaner (Steps 1 & 2 ).

Step 4

FilterGuard Cleaning sheets - Add the sheets to the warm water, one per 5 litres of water, add filters to water. Stir to dissolve cleaning sheets. Leave to soak for 24 hours, agitate the water and turn the filter occasionally to clean evenly and dislodge loosened dirt. After 24 hours empty the bucket and rinse out the remaining dirt/debris using the Cyclone Filter Cleaner without any Filter cleaner in the reservoir.  Leave the filter to dry completely.


FilterGuard FAQ'S (click to open)

How many sheets should I use?

This depends on the size of filter, level of contamination and the cleaning bucket capacity. When using the FilterGuard cleaning bucket, we would suggest initially using two sheets. For heavier contamination or larger filters, add an additional sheet or two for effect. The FilterGuard Cyclone brush when used with a little cleaning fluid should have removed much of the heavy soiling already.

Does the blue-colouring dye the filters?

No it does not.

Do the FilterGuard sheets clean as efficiently as fluid?

Yes, the sheets are concentrated detergent with enzymes specifically formulated for cleaning hot tub filters.

Will the filter cleaning sheets clean my filter on their own?

We recommend using the FilterGuard sheets as part of the complete FilterGuard system. The initial cleaning with the Cyclone brush with fluid physically removes much of the solid contamination trapped between the pleats. This allows the FilterGuard sheets to work their magic much faster deep-cleaning the filter. When the filters have completed the FilterGuard sheets soak, we recommend using the Cyclone brush or hose to completely rinse out all remaining dirt and detergent. The filter should then be allowed to dry completely in preparation for the next filter change

How do the filter cleaning sheets work?

In addition to convenience and sustainability, our FilterGuard filter cleaning sheets also provide effective cleaning. With highly concentrated detergent in each sheet, users can be confident that their filters will receive the right amount of detergent for a thorough and effective clean. This eliminates the risk of over-using or under-using detergent, which can result in ineffective cleaning or waste. Our filter cleaning sheets are formulated with high-quality ingredients to effectively remove dirt and stains, leaving filters looking and smelling fresh and clean. 

What is the shelf life of the sheets?

12 months – 24 months when stored in a dry environment.

Why is the FilterGuard system more eco-friendly than just soaking filters in cleaning fluid?

By using FilterGuard cleaning sheets in place of bottles of cleaning fluid, the FilterGuard sheets eliminate the need for the water content in a cleaning fluid. This in turn, reduces the size, weight and packaging significantly, reducing transportation and packaging costs considerably. The result is a reduction in CO2 emissions not only from the factory, but right through to the end user, making FilterGuard a more sustainable option for those who care about the environment. Furthermore, FilterGuard cleaning sheets are packaged in biodegradable or recyclable materials, adding to their eco-friendly credentials. The biodegradable FilterGuard sheets not only minimize the impact on the environment, they are also incredibly effective. Using the FilterGuard system to clean the filters thoroughly and effectively, can help to extend the life of a filter, leading to less plastic waste and a more sustainable future.