Latest Container Crisis

Sometimes, our industry is hit with a crisis, and we all know about it. COVID-19, Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the energy crisis are all well-known and covered by most news outlets. 

Then we get some crisis that somehow hides in the news shadows, which is where we are with the current container crisis.

Due to the war in Gaza we have the Red Sea closure, the normal 12,500 miles, 36-day route is now 15,000 miles, 46-day trip.  But it doesn't end there; many container shipments stop for drop or collect at Singapore, and at the Singapore dock, there is currently a 10-15 day delay due to backlog. We are now trying to ensure none of our container ships are stopping at Singapore. 

Making matters worse is due to an extra one-month return trip there is a major shortage of containers and container ships, as many ships are returning empty without containers to make up time.

And just to finish off, adverse weather in Asian seas has seen the worst maritime conditions in living memory.  

We ordered containers in early February, and they will not arrive until the end of June, when it would normally be April! Factory production has increased output to help speed up that part of the process; there is certainly no hold up there. 

Maersk have quoted that Asia to Europe shipping will be cut by 25% over the Summer. 

We have 13 containers on their way to us, with 120,000 filters. However, some are actually now 7 weeks delayed, it's not great, but by the end of July, we do hope to have reversed the entire back-order situation. 

Thank you for your patience in this situation; container shipping costs are expected to treble over the Summer as a result, but we will swallow these costs as a thank-you for your support. 

Attacks by Yemen's Houthi militants on ships in the Red Sea are disrupting maritime trade through the Suez Canal, with some vessels re-routing to a much longer East-West route via the southern tip of Africa.