Success in Sanistream means good news for you.
Due to unprecedented sales in Sanistream and as we approach 250,000 DL filters now sold, this means we have been able to reduce our production costs for the Pod, due to economies of scale. 
Originally designed for Holiday Parks we have been amazed at the speed in which it has now been taken up by consumers. It’s safer, effortless to dispense and so much easier in controlling just how much chlorine/bromine you have in the water. 
One day every hot tub will be using Sanistream, it just makes so much sense. 
So from May 1st we are reducing the price of a carton of (9) pods by 25% and a carton of (200) pods by 30%. 
The original SpaPod, designed, created, and manufactured by Darlly. 
Often Copied Never Replicated.  
Best Regards
The Darlly Team